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Why Use Pressure Treated Lumber?

For All Seasons

No matter what you’re building, it’s going to have to face the natural elements – air, fire, earth and water. It takes a special kind of wood to stand up to this onslaught and win. It takes Allweather Wood pressure treated lumber, ready for whatever nature brings your way.

As Strong As It Is Versatile

Naturally strong and durable, Allweather Wood pressure treated lumber is a proven building material for a wide range of commercial and residential applications:

  • Dimensional lumber for framing and appearance grade finishing
  • Structural timbers, posts and columns
  • Pilings for docks
  • Shoring for forms
  • Exterior / interior fire-retardant lumber and plywood to meet strict building codes

And, because the treatment process extends the useful life of the wood, structures made with Allweather Wood remain in service for many years.

Easy On The Environment

In addition to being long-lasting, and ready for anything, Allweather Wood is honored to have obtained Forest Stewardship Council™ (FSC®) chain-of-custody certification for our manufacturing facilities in Loveland, Colorado, Washougal, Washington, Medford and Coos Bay, Oregon. We also maintain chain-of-custody certification for our distribution facility in Woodland, California. We take our policies of environmental stewardship very seriously. We consider FSC certification a badge of honor, as well as an affirmation of our forward-thinking, environmentally sustainable policies. FSC certification enables consumers to make environmentally responsible choices when purchasing wood from retail lumber yards and home improvement centers.

Locally Sourced And Treated

With treatment facilities in Colorado, Oregon and Washington, we are close to the source of the finest in Douglas Fir, Hem Fir, Redwood, and Southern Yellow Pine. This lowers the overall carbon footprint of our manufacturing operations and enables us to offer a wide range of treatments for specific wood species, origins, uses, and desired protections. Whatever you’re building, make sure it’s ready to battle the elements.